Thursday, May 23, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Preview (or: ZOMG)

The annual SIGGRAPH conference is one of the most notable technical gatherings for industries like motion pictures and video gaming.

And this preview video for this year's July conference was too cool not to share:

Here's a couple of things that look exciting:

  • A Material Point Method for Snow Simulation — Because when was the last time you saw snow that realistic in a video game? (No, cutscenes don't count.)
  • Make it Stand: Balancing Shapes for 3D Fabrication — If you own a 3D printer or have ever used Shapeways et al., I think this speaks for itself. Look at the tiny surface areas those things are resting on! Look at them! o_O
  • Scalable Real-time Volumetric Surface Reconstruction — Okay so mostly I'm impressed by the technical challenge the researchers must have overcome here. If I understand the abstract correctly, that's realistic 3D modelling from a single 2D video feed.

Which ones do you want to get your hands on?

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