Monday, July 29, 2013

Happenstance and friendship

Credit: Flickr / autumnsonata

You move to a village, or maybe a high school. You pass people on the streets, or maybe in the hallways between classes. There are more people than you can keep track of names, but even so, as time passes the faces become familiar. Some people, you nod to when you pass them by. Some people, you say hi to. Some, you befriend; some, you avoid. You see the same faces again and again.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bad Piggies vs. Gourmet Race

TL;DR: video-game-music-induced feels.

I stumbled across this beautiful ohrwurm the other day:

(Context: I've never played the game, though I've watched people play it.)

Listen to that. Just sit back and listen to that majestic thing for a few minutes.

The light-hearted meandering across the piano. The upbeat mood in a minor mode. The bouncing tuba, supported on the offbeats. (Bouncing 4-beat tuba is instant shorthand for adorably unsubtle. It's the sort of musical trope you'd use to depict a litter of baby hippos trying to bake a cake, filling the room with billowing clouds of flour.)

This music makes me so inexplicably happy. :D